South Side Game Studios is a division of Rock's Design Studio. South Side Game Studios is a game development company, we design and develop various games on various platforms such as Android, iOS, PC, PS4, Xbox.. We will be launching a separate site for South Side Game Studios soon.  We will also post our games here.

Flat Foot Racing

Our first release on Google Play. Flat Foot Racing is compatible with all Android devices over version 4.3. Flat Foot Racing is fun filled racing game for all ages, from children to adults. Easy to drive with the virtual on screen joysticks.  There are 12 cars available, 6 tracks and 3 race modes. There will be updates with more cars, tracks and improvements.

Begin your journey to becoming the ultimate racing and drifting king. When you start off with $0 to your name, and 2 cars to choose from, you battle past your competitors to take victory and earn their respect. Earn cash as you complete tracks then go to your Garage and buy yourself a new set of wheels. 12 Cars to choose from. 6 Tracks to select from. 3 Racing modes to choose from.

Easy to use visual analog joysticks, one for turning left and right, and the other joystick for accelerating and braking/reversing.

Fun for the whole family, all ages.

2 Stock Cars to get you started.
10 Unlock-able Cars.

6 Endless Fun Tracks to choose from:

*Beach Run
*Ocean Bend
*High Rise
*Eagle Peak
*In The Valley
*Hill Side

3 Modes to choose from:

*Race Mode
*Score Attack
*Time Attack

Verse the islands local racing legend in a one on one race to the finish when playing in Race Mode.

Who is the better driver??? Take on the tracks in Score Attack.
There are 3 different trophies to collect, the Gold Trophy, Silver Trophy and Bronze Trophy. All 3 trophies are placed around the tracks giving you 3 differently skilled driving routes. Showing you the best way to take on each corner.

In Time Attack mode, you get to take on the track and compete for the best time.
With no competitors in your way.

Enjoy the realistic driving experience offered in Flat Foot Racing. Earn cash and buy new cars. Race and Drift around finely tuned tracks for the ultimate driving thrill.

South Side Game Studios will be offering updates, including new cars and tracks.. And lookout for our new game releases..

Flat Foot Racing is compatible on devices that have the latest Android version down until Android version 4.3.