Games Coming Soon

Games Coming Soon

Neon Slinkies

Play multiplayer online against other people and become the longest slinky!

Play Neon Slinkies online against other people, the rules are simple, collect as many orbs as you can to gain in score and in length. Be careful not to eat the blorbs, they are not good for your health. If you do eat any blorbs, make sure you find some health. Do not bump your head in to another player, lose your health completely or glide of the end of the map or it will be game over.

No matter what size you are, big or small, you stand the chance of winning. Cut your opponent off to defeat them, then eat all their orbs and grow in size!

Great fun, invite your friends to join you online and battle it out to see who will be the ultimate slinky.

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Cassino The Card Game

Enjoy hours of fun with this 2 player card game based on Cassino!

Cassino The Card Game by Rocky D is a fun filled card game for you and your family and friends. This is a 2 player game which allows you to take turns with your family and friends. Sit down and battle it out to see who wins in the end!

The rules are simple, player 1 versus player 2, who ever has the most score in the end wins. Players have 4 game play options:

Drop: Allows players to drop cards to the table.

Build: Allows players to build a card of a value that can’t be more than 10. For example a 2 and 3 will build a 5. Player would only be able to build a 5 if he has a 5 in their hand.

Top: Allows players to top their build with a card that is of the same value. For example the player has a 5 in their hand and selects the 2 and 3 (5 build) to top the build.

Capture: Allows players to capture cards that are of the same value. Players are able to capture cards from any where on the table, as long as it is of the same value. For example, player 1 selects a 7 in his hand and selects the 7 and captures it, taking the cards to his base to score from in the end. Another example, player selects a 8 and then selects the other players build and captures all the cards. Players can also capture or build with the last card from either player 1 or player 2’s base.

If you have not played Cassino before, try it, it is super fun. Each player is dealt 10 cards in round 1, when both players have no cards in their hands, round 1 ends and round 2 begins. Both players are dealt another 10 cards for round 2. Once both players have no cards in their hands, round 2 will end and the match summary with display who the winner is.

We hope you enjoy Cassino and please do feel welcome to leave your comments, we appreciate your feedback.

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Flat Foot Racing

Begin your journey to becoming the ultimate racing and drifting king. 12 Cars to choose from. 6 Tracks to select from. 3 Racing modes to choose from. Easy to use, tilt your screen to turn left and right. Press accelerate to go and brake to reverse. There are 4 camera views to choose from. Fun for the whole family, all ages. 12 Cars to choose from. 6 Endless Fun Tracks to choose from:

*Beach Run
*Ocean Bend
*High Rise
*Eagle Peak
*In The Valley
*Hill Side

3 Modes to choose from:

*Race Mode
*Score Attack
*Time Attack

Verse the islands local racing legend in a one on one race to the finish when playing in Race Mode.

Who is the better driver??? Take on the tracks in Score Attack.
There are 3 different trophies to collect, the Gold Trophy, Silver Trophy and Bronze Trophy. All 3 trophies are placed around the tracks giving you 3 differently skilled driving routes. Showing you the best way to take on each corner.

In Time Attack mode, you get to take on the track and compete for the best time.
With no competitors in your way.

Enjoy the realistic driving experience offered in Flat Foot Racing. Race and Drift around finely tuned tracks for the ultimate driving thrill.

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